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March 2, 2017

Why should you choose Facebook advertising & What we do for a successfull Facebook campaign

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Following are the main objective to choose Facebook advertisement:

  • Awareness: Through Facebook ad we can target and reach maximum number of people in your audience  to Brand awarenessincrease awareness of the brand, which helps to generate interest in your product or services.
    We design the supportive ad formats including, Photo, Video, Carousel, Slideshow and Canvas to run campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Consideration: Make people to engage or start thinking about your business and taking interest for more information about your product or sevices. It helps to increase the number of visits to your website or get more people to use your app. The campaign will be acivated in Facebook and Instagram.conversion
  • Conversions: Encourage people to purchase or use your product or services. In other words we can increase the sales through Facebook advertisement.

What we do for a successful Facebook campaign:

We create effective adverts – Before creating the advert or campaign, we identify the business goal that customer want to achieve. According to the requirement we target the audience to reach. This step will help ensure that the advert creative connects with people and drives more sales.

We identify our customer’s goal – The first question we ask to our customers is “why you want to run an advert on Facebook?”  And most of the responses are:

– To bring people into the business.

– Drive people to our website.

– To increase conversion rate or sales.

So , we create direct response advert gives people a reason to stop and shop. Pair effective copy with compelling visuals to let people know about a sale, new products or a seasonal event.

We also try to give people a compelling reason to click on the advert to drive them to customer’s website and help increase product sales. Ensure that after they click, their path to completing the purchase is easy and hassle-free.

 Reach to the right customer –imgres

  • Before writing the text and selecting images for the advert, we analyse the audience and their interest.
  • We design creative images of the products and services to reflect audience’s needs.
  • We keep engaging the audience with a message. This is a chance to keep our customer differentiate from his competitors in a way that helps people remember his/her business.

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