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January 13, 2017

Top Expectations from Social Media in 2017

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We have seen the rise of social media and how it has changed the ways, businesses; small and big along, governments, and even individuals communicate. Just take a look behind in 2016. It was year full of bombarding tweets, hashtag contests, snapchats, videos etc. You are now so used to the animated figurines on your Facebook wall and the funny videos spiraling out of control on YouTube. Are you done as yet? Are you full of it now, or have more space? According to us at Quickshut, this year of 2017 is going to be a year of lull heartbeats for social media. There was an upsurge of developments and new tools that social media users are still to avail off. This year is going to see a plateau stage of social media developments. Quickshut has some quick analysis here for you,

  • Most of the mediums of communication have already been hijacked. The only medium which has latent potential to be utilized better is videos. While you saw small entrepreneurs using videos to reach their customers this year you will see more and more big companies follow the bandwagon. Are there more options that they can employ? Do you agree with us? Tell us.
  • As companies use more and more of videos they are going to use paid Facebook marketing as their mainstay for exhibiting the same and reaching out to the world there on Facebook. Be prepared for Facebook feeds to get ruined and expect some new filters and limits Facebook might put to stretch an umbrella to save you from the cloud of marketing that will burst on you. But, do you think Facebook will limit the clutter and jeopardize their marketing revenues?
  • Brands and big consumer companies are going to continue spending on social media but their return on investment may not reflect this capital spend. Consumers have already seen a lot of marketing on their social media handles this year. This time the law of diminishing marginal utility is not going to let the companies get the better of their marketing spends.
  • Twitter is one social media medium that is going to maintain their good work. Quickshut is purely foretelling this on the basis of the limited changes that twitter has made vis-a-vis other social media mediums to suit marketers. This should be your place to be if you want something more out of social media in 2017, more quality, more class and less mass.
  • Content creation is one essential weapon of social media marketing that has maintained its perceptiveness no matter what. This year and from now on, customers are going to want to cut the rut and chop the bop of marketing material being imposed on them. People are going to read better content. Do you agree too?

What do you think of our analysis? It is a humble attempt to give you some sneakers for the journey of social media ahead in 2017. Do let us know your feedback in the comment space below and share this space if you like our analysis.

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